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Our veterinary clinics offer a wide range of services and pet care information.



    Examinations: Just as you should get yourself checked out by a doctor every year, so should your pet. Having an up-to-date medical history allows us to notice any changes in your pet’s health as soon as possible, which in turn leads to timely and effective treatment.

     Annual vaccinations are important in keeping your pet healthy. Also, if you take your pet to the groomers or a kennel, certain vaccinations may be necessary. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about which vaccinations are right for your pet.

    Digital Radiography:
     Digital x-rays allow our team to get an immediate picture and help us in quickly and accurately identifying any abnormalities. We also provide urinalysis, fecal tests and blood tests.


    Spays/Neuters: Getting your pet fixed not only prevents unwanted negative behaviour, but can also  protect them from developing serious illnesses in the future including testicular, prostate, and uterine  cancer.

    Dental Care: Taking care of your dog or cat’s teeth may seem difficult, but proper oral hygiene can  effectively decrease medical problems in the long run. Buildup of bacteria from tartar and gingivitis can get into the bloodstream and cause infections in vital organs.

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